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Modern Application Development using JavaScript

Computer Applications
Contact No.
Start Date
10/04/2021 10:00 AM
End Date
10/04/2021 04:00 PM
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The aim of this webinar was to enlighten the holistic development of the students with the perspective for the needs of academia and industry. The contents of the webinar practiced by the students can make impact on academic/career success and consequential perseverance; and further provide pathways to assist in their identity development through proactive measures.
Question/Answer Session:
Attendees were offered the opportunity to present their questions and doubts related with the contents of the webinar. The expert has covered all the queries raised by the attendee and facilitated the discussion by his extremely rich knowledge and experience.
The intention of this webinar was development of the knowledge and technical skill expansion with the Modern Application Development using JavaScript. All the participants from the several institutes across the country had attended the webinar and were gratified by the professional expertise and also had received the certificate as a successful completion of the training. The Question- Answer session by the expert had covered all confusion and queries related with the contents of the webinar and also contributed advantageous tip and techniques to refine the dexterity for the additional development and made the webinar successful.