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Guideline for Rechecking/Re-evaluation

  1. For Rechecking/Re-evaluation student has to apply within five working days after the notification of the result.
  2. Students are informed to apply for Rechecking/ Re-evaluation online through the result link available on the Ganpat University website (
  3. The student has to click on apply to Rechecking or Re-evaluation, which is applicable, given on the result page, and select the subjects for applying rechecking/Re-evaluation.
  4. Print the online application, sign it and submit to Ganpat University with the requisite fee.
  5. The student has to verify the subject for Rechecking/ Re-evaluation before taking the print. Once the print command is given, no addition/alteration will be permitted.
  6. The fee for Rechecking is Rs. 300/- per subject and for Re-evaluation it is Rs. 500/- per subject(Permitted only 2 Subjects for Re-evaluation). Revised w.e.f .01/01/2023.
  7. Rechecking is permitted in all semesters of all courses/subjects.
  8. In Re-Checking, Answer books are checked just to ensure that all the questions attempted by the candidate have been valued, the marks awarded have been totally corrected and the total marks have been correctly carried over to the result statement.
  9. Re-evaluation is permitted only in University theory Examinations.
  10. Re-evaluation of answer book shall not be allowed in more than one-third of written papers of examination, which lead to the award of undergraduate/postgraduate degree (Semesters which are considered for award of degree)
  11. Re-evaluation shall not be permitted in the case of Practical examinations, viva-voce, project reports, sessional/internal assessment,s, and dissertation.
  12. (a)If the average marks awarded by two Examiners for Re-Evaluation varies from the original award up to 15% of the marks secured earlier, the original award of marks shall remain unchanged.   (b)If the average of marks awarded by two Examiners for Re-Evaluation varies from the original award of more than 15% of the marks awarded earlier, the average of the marks awarded earlier and average marks on Re-Evaluation shall be final.(c)The result shall be changed only if there is a change in the result status in the course/subject in which the student applied for Re-Evaluation, otherwise original result remains unchanged. Students shall abide by the result even if it is adverse.
  13. The merit list declared in the results of the respective Examinations shall not be prejudiced owing to a reevaluation of scripts.
  14. If there is any change in the result of the examination due to a Re-evaluation of answer books, no examinee can complain in the Court of law, nor any action can be initiated against the Examiner(s) concern/Institute/University
  15. Student can apply for Rechecking/reevaluation of his/her answer books only.