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GUNI GURU 14 High Impact Self Development Courses

This is to inform all the students and staff of GUNI that Ganpat University-CCE is offering GUNI GURU’s specially created “14 High Impact Self Development Courses” , worth Rs.56000/- at a highly discounted exclusively for GUNI students. All these courses can be availed in Just Rs.1000/-.


·      Details about Courses:  

1  All the 14 courses are specially developed as “self-paced learning through recorded sessions” of Internationally renowned mentors.

2.   Validity of Online Access is One Year. Students can complete the courses within a one-year time.

3.   Digital certificates will be provided to students by GUNI GURU after successful completion of each course. 

4. Completion of all 14 courses will make students eligible to receive a certificate from GUNI for CEU completion. 

·      Eligibility to avail the courses:

Its special offer only for existing Ganpat University Students. (existing Ganpat University students means students of any constituent college/Institute/centre/department of Ganpat University, who is currently studying any program/course in Academic Year 2022-23) (all semesters).

·      Registration Process :

1.  Students, who want to avail this opportunityhave to register through the registration link given below. Students are required to provide their details and pay Rs.1000 online to complete the registration.

2.  After successful registration and payment of fee, Online access of all the courses will be provided to registered students by GUNIGURU.

3. If any student needs any demo/assistance on accessing these courses, it will be provided by GUNIGURU within 7 working days after successful registration.

For more details of the all the courses and short preview sessions, please click on -


For Direct Registration, please click on –


Last date to register:- September 20, 2020.